About Checkmate

Checkmate for Foursquare is an iOS only app designed to take the friction out of Foursquare check ins. The app allows you to choose venues that you regularly check in to and automate the process. Choose how long the app should be in a particular spot before checking you in. You decide where to draw the boundaries of a venue and how often the app should check you in. If you'd rather check in yourself, Checkmate can simply remind you when it detects you are near a venue.

What information do I enter in the login screen?

Please enter your foursquare login credentials. Your username is either your email or your phone number.

I am not being checked in even though I am at an auto check in venue!

If Checkmate is not checking you in, try increasing the check in radius on the venue settings screen to fill the entire area of the venue.

What does 'Higher Accuracy Mode' do?

Higher Accuracy Mode enables the GPS unit in your phone for more accurate tracking. Enable this if Checkmate is not checking you in consistently. Using this feature will drain your battery considerably faster, and is not recommended.

How can I stay up to date on the latest Checkmate news?

Follow Checkmateapp on Twitter!

Who is responsible for Checkmate?

Checkmate is the brainchild of Hung Truong. You can blame him for it.